Periodontal disease

Salvecoll® acts as a matrix for antibacterial drugs. As a result of its prolonged local action the necessary therapeutic concentration of antibiotics in the periodontal pocket is maintained throughout the required treatment term.

The biocomposite complex action of Salvecoll® on the different components of chronic periodontitis pathogenesis (mechanisms of occurrence and development) occurs due to the high therapeutic effect of non-surgical methods of treatment of chronic periodontitis using Salvecoll®.

An allergic test can be held at the discretion of a physician (the physician inserts 0.1 ml of gel Salvecoll® into the skin of the forearm) in order to avoid an allergic reaction.

  • The physician preforms professional oral hygiene cleansing
  • A bio composition of Salvecoll® gel with antibacterial drugs is injected into the periodontal pocket
  • Periodontal dressing is applied
  • This procedure is repeated after 7 days, then after 6 months

In the case of periodontal reconstructive surgery, other forms of Salvecoll® release material such as a membrane or diaphragm are laid in the bed of the bone defect.

  • Significantly reduces the depth of periodontal pockets
  • Reduction in the mobility of teeth
  • Contributes to favorable postoperative results
  • In some cases an alternative to surgical treatment of periodontal disease

Patient: Male, 45 years old.

Diagnosis: Chronic generalized periodontitis of moderate-to-severe degree, periodontal cyst of 33rd tooth. Grade 3 mobility.


Gum recession


Patient: Male, 38 years old.

Diagnosis: Hypertrophic Gingivitis