Dental Surgery

Currently various bone tissue regenerating materials are used in dental surgery to repair bone defects resulting from trauma, infection and tumors in addition to usage in tooth removal post treatment. Products based on collagen, in the opinion of experts, differ in predictability, efficiency, and the wide range of possible applications. For example, the use of sterile bioplastic Salvecoll® collagen implants for the healing of postoperative wounds and jaws defects allows for increased efficiency of surgical treatment compared with conventional techniques.

  • Protects the postoperative wound from contact with the bacterial flora of the mouth
  • Helps eliminate inflammation and pain
  • Accelerates the recovery of bone and connective tissue in the postoperative defect
  • Has a short and long term positive effect on increasing bone density in the defect area

An allergic test sample (the physician inserts 0.1 ml of gel Salvecoll® into the skin of the forearm) can be held at the discretion of the physician in order to avoid an allergic reaction.

The physician injects anesthesia and removes the tooth. Then the physician treats the resulting hole left after tooth removal and places Salvecoll® in it (the form of Salvecoll® chosen for the procedure is determined by the physician according to the defect and the clinical state). If necessary a Salvecoll® membrane is placed on top and the wound is covered by its own graft and sutured tightly. A one day compressive dressing may be applied after 1.5-2 hours.

In the cases of plastic jaw defects, doctors use various forms of Salvecoll® such as a tourniquet, gel and / or a membrane to lie in the bed of the bone defect.

Salvecoll® has the following advantages in surgical dentistry:

  • Prevents the development of wound inflammation and infection
  • Prevents bleeding and reduces the number of inflammatory complications
  • Accelerates bone regeneration in the defected area
  • Provides full recovery of bone tissue
  • Reduces the number of postoperative complications
  • Shows good long-term treatment results

Patient: Female, 33 years old.

Diagnosis: Chronic periodontitis 47th tooth in the acute stage. Instrument in channel.


Patient: Male, 29 years old
Diagnosis: Radicular cyst of the mandible in the 36th tooth. Replantation of the tooth was conducted, cystectomy, the defect is filled with Salvecoll® material.